Friends of Historic Sites

Many of the Ohio History Connection’s historic, archaeological and natural sites around Ohio are supported in their activities and operations by ‘Friends’ groups. These groups are formed for the purposes of raising public awareness about the sites, engaging other community members and stakeholders, raising funds to provide a margin of excellence in the operations of the sites, providing volunteer support, and helping to preserve local heritage through their activities. Some of these support groups also manage their site’s day to day operations on behalf of the Ohio History Connection.

Friends groups customarily have a membership structure separate from that of the Ohio History Connection. Site membership offers opportunities to participate in special events and programs (with free or discounted admission), to meet others interested in local heritage, and to become a member of the Ohio History Connection at a discounted rate.

Our site friends groups have helped raise funds for day-to-day operations and for special projects and programs; engaged their communities through outreach to families, local businesses and individual stakeholders; and partnered with other local historical organizations on joint programs and projects.

The Society has sites all over Ohio. You can locate a site in your area and contact the site manager for information about support groups. Listings of sites and contact information can be found here.