Record Search Service

The State Historic Preservation Office provides cultural resources information for a fee to parties siting federally funded, licensed or permitted projects.

Unlike the archived cultural resources information which is available free of charge at the State Historic Preservation Office, the information provided through this service will be generated specifically for locations within either a one mile or two mile radius of your site. The information may be used as appropriate in your submission to the State Historic Preservation Office when you initiate consultation under Section 106 of the National Historic Preservation Act. Please keep in mind that the information provided is for known sites, so it will be necessary to conduct fieldwork in order to assemble the full array of information needed to meet Section 106 needs.

Click an option below to view printable information about the Records Search Service. This includes an introductory memo, the Records Search Form and a Conditions of Use Agreement.

If you anticipate regular utilization of this service you may establish a direct bill account with our office. Contact the Grants Manager at 614-298-2000 for application information.

Records Search Service results can now be obtained as a shapefile, for those with GIS capabilities, at no additional charge.

Click here to download the Records Search Service materials in PDF format. (153 KB)

Click here to download the Records Search Service materials in MS Word Format. (1.35 MB)