Online Mapping System Help

If you have questions that are not answered here, please email

How can I recover my username and/or password?
The Online Mapping System does not have an automated account recovery system. To recover your username or password, please email  

Are there help files for the site?

Yes, the Online Mapping System Training Manual is available by clicking on the link.

In addition to the downloadable manual there are help files built into the site. The in-site help files are very complete, but deal with more general aspects of the site.

What do I do when I print a map the site defaults back to the state level and no map appears?
You must disable all pop-up blockers before using the site. User created maps are presented in a seperate window that is often blocked by pop-up blockers.

To test for pop-up blockers on your system, click this link - Online Mapping System Pop-up Blocker Test

Is there a way to test the site without purchasing a subscription?
Yes, it is possible to access the site's basic tools and data without a paid subscription. However, free access will not allow you to view any OHPO inventory data and some tools may be unavailable. Some benefits to the free portion of the site include UTM collection and the ability to print basemaps.