Evaluation Sheet

When reviewing National Register Nominations the State Historic Preservation Office staff uses the following questions related to the sections on the nomination form. During the review of nominations additional questions about the substantive and factual content may be raised.

Section 1:
  1. Is the name of the property a clear identifiable name with no abbreviations?
  2. Does the property name accurately reflect historic ownership?
Section 2:
  1. Have all the blanks been filled in, including N/A where applicable?
Section 5:
  1. Does the contributing & noncontributing numbers match what is accounted for in the narrative description and what is represented on maps or site plans?
Section 7:
  1. Is there an initial paragraph which describes the setting, identifies what is being nominated and which summarizes its appearance?
  2. Is the Description clear and complete? If the property has been altered, is the difference between the original (or historic) and the current condition and appearance clear?
  3. Have all alterations to the building over time been described and dated to the extent possible?
  4. Does the description convey the significant qualities of the property? Through what features, for example? Do these features retain integrity?
  5. Does the integrity relate to the overall property, not just its features and parts?
  6. Have all contributing and noncontributing resources been identified?
  7. Are the photo numbers cross-referenced in the text?
Section 8:
  1. Have the boxes in the Significance section been filled in to indicate the period and areas in which the property is significant?
  2. Is there an initial paragraph summarizing the significance of the property, directly relating it to the National Register criteria under which it is being nominated?
  3. Are each of the areas of significance checked and discussed in the summary paragraph of the Significance Section?
  4. Does the specific date/date range reflect the property's period of historic significance?
  5. Does the Area of Significance check reflect significance of the property, not just its function?
  6. Is the Statement of Significance written in a clear and complete manner?
  7. Have the applicable criteria been identified and documented within the Significance Statement?
  8. Are any criteria exceptions (if applicable) justified according to their specific requirements?
  9. Is there evidence that the bibliographic sources noted have been used in the preparation of the Statement of Significance? (footnotes and references, for example)
Section 9:
  1. Are there bibliographic sources provided? Are they specific publications and traceable resources (primary and secondary sources, oral interviews, atlases, etc.)?
Section 10:
  1. Does the verbal boundary description delineate the precise area within and boundaries of the property, not just its location?
  2. Is the specific number of acres given, even if the property is less than one acre? Is it consistent with the size of the area noted within the boundaries?
  3. Are UTM coordinates provided and checked? Are the required three points given to match the acreage if there are 10 or more acres in the property?
  4. Have the boundaries been drawn to include all features (including landscapes) directly related to the significance of the property? Have the boundaries and the acreage been justified?
  5. If the property is a district, does the Verbal Boundary Description include information about the setting, environment, and/or surrounding buildings?
Section 11:
  1. Is the person, organization, etc. who prepared the nomination form identified?
Additional Information
  1. Has a completed owner notification form been submitted?
  2. Has a USGS map been included? Is the name of the property, city, county, state and UTM reference marked
  3. Are all photographs marked with property, city, county, state and photo number. Are all photographs current within the past two years? If the photos are older than 2 years, do they still accurately depict the current appearance/condition of the property?
  4. Is a second set of labeled photographs provided?
  5. Are the photographs black and white, printed on black and white photo paper?
  6. Is there a photo list keyed to the photo number with description of each photo view?
  7. Have slides of the property been submitted?
  8. Are the slides numbered and marked with name of property and county?
  9. Is there a slide list keyed to slide number with a description of the view?