Since the first issue appeared in October 1984, TIMELINE magazine has been a valuable tool for delivering Ohio history into the hands of readers across the nation. Covering the fields of history, archaeology, and natural history with a Buckeye focus, the quarterly popular history magazine has published seven hundred articles during its twenty-nine-year history.

TIMELINE articles have included:

• the mysteries of Ohio’s mounds and mound builders;

• the unique carvings of Elijah Pierce;

• the World War II campaigns of Buckeyes in the South Pacific;

• the celebrated exploits of America's first professional baseball team and the exciting world of harness horse racing;

• the Wright Brothers, cowboy movie stars, and an Ohio engineer-turned-astronaut.

Nationally known writers such as David McCullough and Stephen Ambrose have written for the magazine.  And TIMELINE has been the recipient of numerous regional and national printing and design awards, including several prestigious Ben Franklin trophies affectionately known in the industry as a “Benny.”

Tom D. Crouch, a senior curator at the Smithsonian Institution, insists that “TIMELINE is the best regional magazine that ever was! Quality writing and beautiful illustrations, tied together with the highest editorial and production values makes a publication that deserves all the awards it has won and more.”

Every issue of TIMELINE is lavishly illustrated with more than a hundred photographs and is printed on glossy, recycled paper. Rare, never-before-published images gleaned from the the Society's collections as well as those held by private citizens and other institutions regularly appear. Stunning professional photographs of historic artifacts and sites around Ohio are regular features.

TIMELINE continues to publish authoritative and engaging articles in a format that makes reading both a joy and a benefit! Anyone interested in Ohio can experience that excitement and discovery from their own living room by subscribing to the magazine today.