Ohio History

The Scholarly Journal of the Ohio History Connection

Ohio History was established in June 1887 as the Ohio Archaeological and Historical Quarterly and was published by the Ohio History Connection until 2005. In that year, its stewardship was passed to Kent State University Press. The journal remains an essential tool for researchers of Ohio and the Middle West by publishing peer-reviewed articles and book reviews on topics spanning the political, military, social, economic, and cultural history of our region.


The Ohio History Connection is pleased to provide a free and fully searchable online archive of Ohio History's issues spanning from 1887 through 2004. This archive is available thanks to the generous sponsorship of the Ohio Public Library Information Network (OPLIN). Following are a few key points to keep in mind while navigating this archive:

• You can find information in a variety of ways. You may browse the alphabetical listings in the Index, search for a particular topic in the Index Search, or try a Full-text Search for more obscure subjects. You may also browse individual issues by Volume Number.

• If you are a researcher citing a reference from Ohio History, please see Appendix A: Issue Dates and Pagination.

• The creation of this archive involved scanning and digitizing some 53,000 pages of text. Inevitably, errors were introduced into the digital text, because the printed text contained a wide variety of type styles and in some instances the scanner did not recognize the character(s). The editors have eliminated many errors discovered during testing of the site, but we expect to find more. If you discover any please send us an email so that we may make the correction to the online text.


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To obtain permission to reprint material appearing in Ohio History prior to 2005, please send your request in writing to the permissions editor at the address, e-mail, or fax listed above. Please include a complete description of how the material will be reproduced and whether this use is for profit or nonprofit (educational) purposes. Ohio History issues published AFTER 2004 are the property of The Kent State University Press.


Select issues of Ohio History published after 1978 as well as the print version of the online index are still available for purchase. To inquire about availability, contact our sales department at tcarney@ohiohistory.org or phone 1-800-840-6414.