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November 1, 2013
Photo of a trench at Pickawillany.
Summer Field School Students Study Ft. Ancient and Pickawillany

Ohio college and university students taking part in field schools aided ongoing archaeological research at two Ohio History Connection sites this summer: Fort Ancient Earthworks and Nature Preserve in Warren County, and Pickawillany, site of an 18th-century Miami Indian town and English traders’ compound that’s part of Johnston Farm and Indian Agency Historic Site in Miami County.
For the eighth consecutive summer, Dr. Robert Riordan of Wright State University directed a field school of students in investigating the construction methods used to build the Moorehead Circle, a feature of Fort Ancient. The Moorehead Circle is a ceremonial plaza of interlocking limestone pavements once surrounded by a woodhenge, or circle, of very large wooden posts. The entire structure was more than 200 feet in diameter.

Photo of a full-length portrait of Tecumseh drawn by F. Brigden.
Historic Pipe Will Be Exhibited in Oklahoma
Programs Highlight
Ohio’s Native Cultures

The loan of a 206-year-old peace pipe with significance to Ohio history and to the history of the Eastern Shawnee Tribe of Oklahoma, plus recent Native American Week programs are two products of a budding relationship between the Ohio History Connection and members of American Indian cultures historically connected to Ohio. 
In June, the Ohio House of Representatives passed House Concurrent Resolution 26 (HCR 26), which would designate the last week of September as Native American Week in Ohio. 

Photo of the statue of a World War I Doughboy in front of the Ohio History Center in Columbus.
At the Center
November Preview

Meet Rosie the Riveter of World War II fame; learn from an Ohio History Teacher of the Year; experience Thanksgiving 1863; laugh out loud at A Christmas Carol gone awry; see model trains running on a 1950s-style layout; and explore our porcelain-enameled steel Lustron house, all at the Ohio History Center and Ohio Village in coming weeks.

Photo of Hughes STEM High School in Cincinnati, Ohio.
Historic Preservation
Awards Honor Sixteen Outstanding Achievements

Outstanding historic preservation achievements in communities throughout Ohio were honored with the 2013 State Historic Preservation Office Awards on Saturday, Sept. 28.

Photo of the package for the Fascinating Ant Farm Live Ant Habitat.
1950s-Style Holiday Gifts
Ant Farm, Anyone?
Imagine the fun we’ve had stocking our Ohio History Store with 1950s-style gifts that complement the new Ohio History Center exhibit 1950s: Building the American Dream. Shop online or in person and find fun gifts inspired by the ‘50s, from vintage music, movies and TV, to favorite toys of the era (yes, including the classic Ant Farm).More...
Photo of the ancient Newark Earthworks.
Featured Events
Harvest Some History
Discover remnants of Newark’s vast earthworks; pose for your holiday photo in the home of the composer of Up on the Housetop; see 18th-century soldiers march to the site of Ohio’s only Revolutionary War fort; dine in the home of our 19th president; have your heirlooms appraised; share your poetry; or catch up on your scrapbooking, all at Ohio History Connection sites and related venues in coming weeks.More...