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February 28, 2013
Photo of Ohio History Connection Building Doctor Mariangela Pfister at an on-site consultation. Photo by Genevieve Pfister 2012.Photo of a roof and chimney in need of slate and flashing repairs.Photo of a leaking box gutter with flowering wood rot.Photo of a brick wall with missing mortar and in need of repointing.
The Building Doctor
Celebrating 35 Years of
Old-Building TLC

Since 1979, our old-building experts, the Building Doctors, have been helping owners of all kinds of old buildings with practical, common-sense advice on maintenance and repair, through Building Doctor Clinics held in communities across Ohio, now entering their 35th season.

A program of the society’s State Historic Preservation Office, the Building Doctor was started as a way to share national preservation guidance with local property owners, who, after all, own the vast majority of historic buildings in the state.

Based on preservation treatment standards developed by the National Park Service and an extensive series titled Preservation Briefs that provides how-to guidance on topics ranging from awnings to windows, the Building Doctors bring best practices in historic preservation to communities throughout Ohio.

“We enjoy getting out into the field and advising property owners on ways to recognize and solve common old-building problems,” says Mariangela Pfister, manager of the Building Doctor program. “Our advice can help people bring an older building back to life without sacrificing features that make it appealing. Repairing rather than replacing the historic materials and design details of older buildings respects the original craftsmanship and quality of construction. This includes porches, roof and other trim work, windows, plaster and floors. Taking this approach when working with older buildings extends their life and preserves our connections to the people who built them.”

Six Clinics This Year
Each clinic begins with a free Thursday evening seminar for area old-building owners, followed by a day of “house calls” by appointment to examine older buildings in the community and prescribe cures for what ails them.

The “doctors” work in teams, teaching old-building owners how to recognize and solve some of the most common sources of problems in maintaining older buildings and how to make informed decisions about repairs and improvements.

This year, the Building Doctors will hold clinics for old-building owners in Groveport March 14-15, Vermilion April 11-12, Ellsworth May 2-3, Hamilton May 16-17, Port Clinton Sept. 26-27 and Xenia Oct. 17-18, 2013.
Click here or call 800.499.2470 for details and to register.

Bring the Building Doctors to Your Community
Not on this year’s list? To learn about bringing a Building Doctor Clinic to your community in 2014,
click here or call 614.298.2000.

Every Building Doctor Clinic is made possible in part by local co-sponsors. Thanks to the following organizations and businesses for their support of our 2013 clinics.

Groveport March 14-15, 2013: Groveport Heritage and Preservation Society and Groveport Town Hall

Vermilion April 11-12, 2013: Main Street Vermilion Inc. and Sandusky/Erie County Community Foundation

Ellsworth May 2-3, 2013: The Ellsworth Historical Society, Professional Engine Systems Inc. and Boak & Sons Inc.

Hamilton May 16-17, 2013: CORE Consortium for Ongoing Reinvestment Efforts, Historic Hamilton and Butler County Historical Society

Port Clinton Sept. 26-27, 2013: Main Street Port Clinton

Xenia Oct. 17-18, 2013:
Downtown Xenia Now and City of Xenia