Gossip Tours

  Discover the stories of the people of the Ohio Village from one of the Village residents. Perhaps Mrs. Baugh, who runs the Lodging House; Mr. Mallory, owner of the Livery; or maybe even Sean O'Shaughnessy, the Irish handy man. Regardless, your group will enjoy a walking/talking tour highlighting selected shops and areas of the Village. As you move about town, the Village resident entertains and educated with gossip using historical anecdotes to "tell the story" about the occupants of the buildings, their lives and their goings on in the Village.

Gossip tour includes admission to the museum and will last 30 - 45 minutes. Please contact scheduling office for pricing.

For more information, or to schedule a Gossip Tour, please call 614.297.2663 or 800.686.1541. You may also send an email to grouptours@ohiohistory.org.