Preferred Caterers


The Ohio History Connection has established relationships with several area caterers and recommend that clients consider using their services. Please contact the caterer of your choice directly to arrange the food service for your event. If you have any questions please contact the Facilities Use Office.

Berwick Manor Catering

PH: 614.235.7100

FX: 614.235.3744

Cameron Mitchell Catering

PH: 614.848.4700

FX: 614.436.3012

Catering By Design

PH: 614.436.1234

FX: 614.436.1068

City Barbeque Catering

PH: 614.538.1230

FX: 614.538.1342

Creative Cuisine

PH: 614.436.4949

FX: 614.436.9090

Hoggy's Catering

PH: 614.453.4647

FX: 614.484.7427

Holy Smoke BBQ

PH: 614.471.8844

FX: 614.471.8844

LA Catering
Made From Scratch Events

PH: 614.873.3344

FX: 614.873.1965

Mass Appeal Dining Services

PH: 614.985.2215

FX: 614.885.2307

Metro Cuisine

PH: 614.436.6369

FX: 614.436.6452

Monaco’s Catering

PH: 614.475.4817

FX: 614.475.0825

Schmidt’s Classic Catering

PH: 614.444.5050

FX: 614.878.8358

Two Caterers

PH: 614.882-7323

FX: 614.792.8598

University Catering

PH: 614.688.3562

FX: 614.688.5798

Weiland’s Gourmet Market

PH: 614.261.6532

FX: 614.267.9273