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One new product inspired by our Collections staff is a ‘Family Archival Kit’. The kit which is a starter kit for preserving your own personal family history. It includes an assortment of the actual archival products that the Ohio History Connection’s Collections staff uses to store documents, slides, and small paper objects in the archives. The Society staff selected the materials in the kit based on materials they use for historic manuscripts and photographs in the archives of the Ohio History Connection. The kits take the guesswork out of selecting and purchasing archival filing materials. Lisa Wood, Curator for Visual Resources at the Society, says, “We selected the materials for the kit based on what we use everyday. These kits are ideal for both the serious family archivists as well as individuals who want to preserve a few treasured mementoes.”

The kits contain high quality archival products that are appropriate for long-term storage of treasured family or historical mementos. A kit includes an archival storage box, white cotton gloves, letter size folders, 35mm slide sleeves to hold up to 100 slides, envelopes, polyester sleeves, acid free paper, and tips on how to use these materials and handle documents safely. All paper products in the kit are acid free, and the plastic sleeves are stable polyester that will not deteriorate or damage items over time. The kit is $37.50 and currently is available in-store.

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