Buckeye Furnace
Indian Mill

Industry & Labor

Buckeye Furnace

Buckeye Furnace is a reconstructed charcoal-fired iron blast furnace with original stack, typical of those operating in southeastern Ohio's Hanging Rock Iron Region more than a century ago. 


Indian Mill

In a scenic location along the Sandusky River, Indian Mill, built in 1861, is the nation's first educational museum of milling in its original structure.

Museum of Ceramics

East Liverpool, known as “America’s Crockery City,” was the center of the ceramic industry in America. From 1840 to 1930, East Liverpool’s potteries produced over 50 percent of the ceramics manufactured in the United States.


Youngstown Museum of Industry & Labor

The history of Youngstown and the Mahoning Valley region is inextricably linked to the iron and steel industry; and in turn, its history has affected the development of the entire state.

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