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East Liverpool, known as “America’s Crockery City,” was the center of the ceramic industry in America. From 1840 to 1930, East Liverpool’s potteries produced over 50 percent of the ceramics manufactured in the United States. The ceramic industry at the turn of the century was a vibrant industry and as important to Liverpool as the steel industry was to Pittsburgh in the twentieth century. 

In the nineteenth century, East Liverpool established itself as the pottery capital of America. Pottery was originally made from yellow clay prevalent in the area. In 1840, an English immigrant named James Bennett moved to East Liverpool and started the first successful pottery manufacturing business in 1840. Just forty years later, East Liverpool said it had the largest pottery manufacturing facility in the world, Knowles, Taylor & Knowles Pottery. Interestingly, at the height of East Liverpool’s ceramic manufacturing, most of the clay used in the pottery was no longer local; it was shipped in from other states because white clay pottery had become more popular than the yellow clay.