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Key things to see or do while visiting the site:

A ½ mile trail leads through a gorge and along the unglaciated Mississippian sandstone cliffs that are 20 to 65 feet high. The trail follows a small intermittent tributary of Sour Run that runs through the gorge, before eventually draining into Little Salt Creek and then into the Scioto River near Richmond Dale. Within the gorge are several small waterfalls and a fairly large rock shelter. The east bank is dominated by Eastern Hemlock (Tsuga Canadensis). In season, wildflowers and birds are abundant.

Highlights of special plants and animals that can be found here:

• Eastern Hemlock
• Round-leaved Catchfly (currently potentially threatened in Ohio)
• Witch Hazel
• Yellow Corydalis
• Large-flowered Trillium (State Wildflower)
• Northern Rough Green Snake
• Eastern Phoebe
• Acadian Flycatcher

OHS Natural Areas

OHS Natural Areas

The OHS site network includes 4 National Natural Landmarks and 3 Dedicated State Nature Preserves

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