Why is this Historic Site Important?

This historic site in Marion Ohio is the final resting place of Warren and Florence Harding. Harding was the 29th president of the U.S, (1921–1923) and the first president elected after women were allowed to vote in national elections.

Harding was born November 2, 1865, in Corsica, Ohio and spent most of his youth in Caledonia, Ohio. Harding died in office and the outpouring of support from the people of the U.S. funded the building of the Harding Memorial in Marion, not far from the Harding Home.

The Harding Tomb is a dramatic marble memorial to commemorate President and Mrs. Harding, and to serve as their tomb. Shortly after the country’s 29th President died in office, The Harding Memorial Association was formed to raise money for a memorial site in honor of the late president. The association ultimately received $977,821.76 in donations from more than one million people across the country, as well as contributions from several European nations. Maybe most notably among the list of contributors from the United States were an estimated 200,000 school children, who donated pennies towards the memorial.

"I do not believe there is any other influence so much needed in a tumultuous world as a re-consecration to God Almighty. I rejoice that America is free in religion."

Warren G. Harding
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