Appendix - Request for Proposal Information: History Fund Application Instructions

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As noted in the Budget Form section in the History Fund’s Instructions under “Procurement,” grant recipients will be required to solicit competitive proposals for purchases of goods and services over $6,000.  What follows are two documents to help you write a Request for Proposal: 1) a description of the elements of an RFP and 2) a sample RFP. RFPs need not be submitted at the time of application.

Elements of a Request for Proposal (RFP)

A Request for Proposal (RFP) is a tool for describing the proposed project and stating what is expected from the consultant or contractor (also called a “bidder.”) Using consultants/contractors successfully requires a clear understanding and agreement regarding the goals, expected outcomes and deliverables, responsibilities and schedules.

Prior to issuance and distribution, the History Fund must approve the RFP to ensure compliance with applicable standards. What follows is a checklist you can use to develop an RFP.

Purpose of Project:

  • Concise statement describing the project or problem to be addressed.
  • Pertinent background information about organization, agency, or community.
  • Anticipated results and benefits of the project.
  • Funding sources
  • Amount of funding available for the project
  • Project period (anticipated start and end dates)

Scope of Work:

  • Tasks/services for which the bidder will be responsible
  • Products or deliverables (drafts and final products)
  • Schedule – submission dates of drafts, reports, etc.
  • Meetings or presentations in which consultant is expected to participate (number, setting, type, etc.)
  • Formats of deliverables
  • Professional standards that products must meet
  • Tasks/responsibilities of the requestor and any other parties


  • Professional qualifications to be met by key personnel
  • Desired skills and relevant prior experience

Submission Requirements:

  • Format for response
  • Required information in response
    • Name of consultant/firm
    • History of relevant experience
    • Qualifications of key staff assigned to project
    • Statement confirming understanding of scope of work
    • Description of scope of work, schedule for deliverables
    • References
  • Cost of services
  • Where/when proposal should be submitted
  • Contact name/info for questions

Review Process

  • Selection criteria to be used to evaluate proposals
  • Timeframe for decision making
  • Notification to successful/unsuccessful bidders


Sample Request for Proposal

Request for Proposal for

Survey and Inventory of Buildings in the Anytown Historic District

The Village of Anytown seeks a proposal from consultants with proven experience in historic preservation to conduct an intensive level architectural survey of ## properties in the Anytown Historic District.

            RFP Issuance:                         June 28, 2012

            Deadline for Response:          July 20, 2012

Questions regarding the RFP should be directed to [name], [title], [organization], at [phone] or [email].

Project Description

The Village of Anytown seeks a qualified preservation consultant meeting appropriate federal professional qualification requirements as published in the Secretary of the Interior’s Standards and Guidelines for Archaeology and Historic Preservation, 48 FR 44716, to work with the Village Council, Architectural Review Board, Anytown Historical Society and interested parties to conduct an intensive-level architecture survey of the Village’s historic properties, focusing on the properties in the National Register of Historic Places historic district. There are ## properties in this area, 9 of which are in the Ohio Historic Inventory (OHI).The OHI properties will be reevaluated and the remaining properties will be surveyed. There have been many changes since the original inventory and surveys were completed. This updated information will assist the Anytown Architectural Review Board (Review Board) in administering the Anytown Historic District Ordinance. The budget for this project is $_______.

Background and Area Characteristics

The Village of Anytown has established the following goals and objectives for historic preservation within the designated Historic District:

  • To maintain and enhance the distinctive character of the historic structures and historic sites
  • To safeguard the architectural integrity through the establishment of an Architectural Review Board
  • To seek alternatives to demolition and incompatible alterations of historic buildings
  • To afford the widest possible scope of continuing vitality through the private renewal and creativity with appropriate controls and standards
  • To encourage the development of vacant properties in accordance with the character of the District
  • To contribute to economic, recreational, cultural, and educational development by:
    • Fostering civic pride in notable accomplishments
    • Facilitating the reinvestment in older areas
    • Promoting use of historic sites and structures
    • Protecting property rights of owners whose property lies within areas of historic significance

Project Objectives

This survey is the first step to surveying all properties within the Historic District. The Anytown Historic District includes the National Register Area plus an expanded area designated in 2006 called the Protective Historic Area. The Review Board decided that the logical place to start is the National Register area because it is fairly compact and some inventory work has already been done. This project directly relates to the Village’s historic preservation goals because it will provide a detailed inventory of the properties thus giving the Review Board the information needed to maintain and enhance the distinctive character of the properties and safeguard the architectural integrity of said properties. The Review Board hopes to create an in-house database that can be quickly referred to. The survey will also assist in continued preservation planning within the expanded Historic area.

Scope of Work

  • The consultant will develop a customized project work plan and coordinate with Village Council and the local project team to schedule meetings and notify stakeholders about the project.

The activities necessary to carry out the survey project are as follows:

  •  The Village will draft a Request for Proposals for qualified professionals to provide the services necessary to carry out all aspects of the survey work. The Village will follow its local ordinances and requirements regarding professional services contracts. Following a competitive process, the Village will enter into a contract with the selected individual or firm.
  •  The consultant’s first task will be to develop a research method report and obtain approval for the method from the State Historic Preservation Office.
  •  Once the research method is approved, the consultant will update existing inventory forms and complete new inventory forms for the remaining properties within the National Register area.
  • As research on each individual property is completed the contractor is expected to submit the electronic Ohio History Inventory data sheet associated with it using the online application known as I-Form.
  •  Following the completion of all I-Forms, a draft survey report will be forwarded to the Ohio History Connection. With the Society’s approval, the consultant will submit a final report, all survey documents, plus the electronic submission of required Ohio Inventory Forms.

Public involvement will be addressed in the following ways. The consultant and the Village will develop a press release and /or other informational pieces about the process that will be mailed to property owners in the National Register Area. The Village webpage and the Village newsletter will also provide the general public with information. The consultant will be required to attend one or more Village Council meetings to provide updates and to provide an opportunity for public interaction.

The survey will result in accurate records in a useful digital format that can serve as the basis for future historic preservation and designation efforts. The public involvement in the process will increase awareness in the community about the Village’s historic assets and hopefully spark more interest and support of the Architectural Review Board’s efforts.

Work Products

  • ## revised and ## new Ohio Historic Inventory forms completed using the I-Form application.
  • Survey Report meeting State Historic Preservation Office report standards for intensive level History/Architecture survey.

Suggested Project Schedule

June 28, 2012 Issue RFP
July 13, 2012 OHS to review draft subcontract for consultant
July 20, 2012 Submission date for Response to RFP
August 3, 2012 Enter into contract with consultant
August 24, 2012 Develop Research Method Report
September 14, 2012 OHS review of Research Method Report
October 26, 2012 Survey 25% Completed including I-Form submission
November 23, 2012 Survey 75% Completed including I-Form submission
December 21, 2012 Survey 100% Completed and draft Survey Report submitted
February 1, 2013 OHS review of draft Survey Report
February 15, 2013 Final Report, all forms and electronic data submitted
March 2013 Briefing to Historic District Review Board

Submissions should include

  • A brief overview of company, length of time in business, and location of office(s), including contact person for this RFP.
  • Describe firm’s experience in historic preservation including ability to meet completion schedules and performance standards.
  • Detail which staff/subcontractor will be assigned to this project and in what capacity, including qualifications. Consultants must meet the appropriate Secretary of the Interior’s Professional Qualification Standards (48 FR 44716).
  • Include name, address and telephone number of 3 (three) project references of similar project completed. Give a brief description of each project scope including size and nature of work.
  • Describe proposed methodology to accomplish the required tasks as outlined in the scope of work. Include the organization and management plan for this project. If firm plans to use subcontractors explain their roles in carrying out this project and provide detailed information on each.
  • Work schedule including estimated time frame to complete the project, detailed by milestone or activity. Target dates completion of draft and final documents should be included, allowing 3 week review time at OHS for each draft work product developed.
  • Not-to-exceed cost proposal, including all personnel and benefit costs, travel expenses, printing costs, and all other costs associated with the work.

Selection Criteria

The successful applicant will be selected using the following selection criteria:

  • General quality and responsiveness of proposal
  • Degree to which proposal addresses all items in Scope of Work and Work Products
  • Methodology and approach to project
  • Qualifications of key personnel
  • Documented past performance conducting intensive level survey
  • Cost of services

Terms and Conditions

  • Proposals shall be valid for 60 (sixty) days from the proposal due date. The Village reserves the right to request an extension of time if needed.
  • The Village reserves the right to accept or reject, in part or in whole, any or all proposals for any reason, to cancel in part or in whole the Request for Proposal, to re-advertise for new proposals, and to waive minor irregularities and informalities.
  • The Village reserves the right to require an oral presentation from consultants who respond to the RFP to provide an opportunity for the firms to clarify or elaborate on the proposal but in no way change the original submission. A request for an oral presentation shall not constitute acceptance of a proposal.
  • All proposals must be signed by a duly authorized individual.
  • All proposals become the property of the Village of Anytown and the Village may, at its option, request oral presentation prior to selection. No public bid opening will be held.
  • No applicant will be compensated for submission of a proposal or for any times or services provided as part of the proposal, evaluation or negotiation process.

Submission Process

Consultants/firms are to submit 3 copies of their proposal. Sealed submissions must be received no later than 4 PM EST Friday [date]. Faxed and emailed submissions will not be accepted.

Deliver or mail all proposals to:




[city, state, zip]

All proposals should be clearly marked: “Survey and Inventory of Buildings in the Anytown Historic District.”