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Fun facts about columbus history

Build it, and they will come: Before the state legislature named Columbus as the capitol in 1812, Columbus did not exist. Between 1812, when the town was surveyed and when city lots were sold, and 1816, when the capital actually moved to Columbus, a town formed in the middle of the Ohio wilderness. As early as 1815, Columbus was starting to look like a city: it had a new statehouse; its first church, school, and newspaper, and penitentiary; and it had a population of 700. By 1834, the population of Columbus was four thousand people, officially elevating it to "city" status.


Discover Digital Images on Ohio Memory

Ohio Memory is a collaborative digital library project of the Ohio History Connection and the State Library of Ohio, which includes collections from more than 354 cultural heritage institutions from all of Ohio’s 88 counties. Search more than 280,000 images in this online resource.



Covering the fields of history, archaeology, and natural history with a Buckeye focus, the quarterly popular history magazine has published seven hundred articles during its twenty-nine-year history.



Geocaching is a combination of a treasure hunt and a hike that requires the use of a global positioning system (GPS) receiver. While some people define it as a sport and others a hobby, it is an activity that can be enjoyed individually or with groups of friends or family.


Amunet Mummy