Parent and students at NHD


"NHD is a great opportunity for students to have fun creating, planning, and presenting a story for something in history. They'll learn about confidence they didn't know they had by interviewing, artistic talents through creating a display, play, or movie, and important studying skills when researching. This is the event that will prepare them for college, and whatever career they may choose!” - Ohio History Day Parent

Parent participation is an essential part of the history day process. National History Day challenges students to step outside their comfort zone and learn new skills like researching at an archive, interviewing experts, experimenting with software, or managing their time for an extended project. Parents can do a lot to assist their students in the creation of their History Day project, while allowing the student to truly own the end product.

Staying in the Loop

History Day is a year-long project and students need help managing time, tracking deadlines set by their school, district office, and state office. Consider following us or joining the email list.

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Selecting a Topic and Conducting Research

Act as a sounding board for your child as they brainstorm ideas. Is the topic too broad? Too narrow? Are there interesting local or state topics that would fit the theme?

Check out this year’s Theme Book.

Encourage your student to explore resources beyond the internet. While the number of digital collections is growing, they only represent a small number of primary sources available for research. Help your student access other resources by providing transportation to a local library or historical society. Visit the Ohio Local History Alliance to find one near you!

Creating the Project

Students are responsible for the design, construction, and presentation of their project, but you may assist them in completing tasks they may not be able to do themselves, such as operating power tools. Students may need advice or assistance on mechanical aspects of their project. Parents may also instruct students on how documentary or website software works, but the students are responsible for using that knowledge to create a project.

Check out the Contest Rule Book.

Help your students with time management skills. History Day is a long term project and students may need help setting a timeline and meeting deadlines.

Competing at Districts, States, or Nationals

Volunteer to help at your district or state event. Competitions require a lot of assistance (registering entries, directing students, etc.) Contact your teacher, district coordinator, or state coordinator for more information.

Check out our Get Involved.

Students are responsible for setting up their own projects and running any necessary equipment. They may receive reasonable help in carrying in props and exhibits. However, set up must be completed by the student.

Support your child. Calm your child's nerves and make sure they have all necessary materials. Remind your student that completing a history day project is a big accomplishment!

In order for students to participate in their District (regional) History Day event, they must register before the deadline. District History Days take place Saturdays in March and early April.

Detailed information can be found on the Contest Information page.