Founding Documents History to Go Van

Grade 4, 8, and 10

Bring the experience of the Founding Documents to your school.  Students will be immersed in the Ohio Constitution, Northwest Ordinance, Bill of Rights, and the U.S. Constitution.

Half-day: $200.00 + mileage
All-day: $350.00 + mileage
One-hour: $75.00 + mileage (Franklin County "latchkey" only)

During this interactive experience students will:

Write with quill pens: Students use quill pens to complete and sign an American loyalty oath (copy of original)

Object Table: students look at and discuss objects from the Revolutionary War period that would have been used by men writing the documents
Candle holders
Ink wells
Writing desk
Small journal
Mechanical pencil
Eye glasses
Candle snuffers
Horn drinking cup
Other objects

Maps: Students use mapping skills (calipers and scale to determine distance, legends, etc.) to learn about the "lay of the land" during the Revolutionary War and statehood time period

Debate: Students debate the merits of declaring independence or remaining loyal to the King

Documents: Students study copies of handwritten documents looking for differences in capitalization, punctuation, spelling, meaning, etc.
Bill of Rights
Quartering Act
Declaration of Independence
Several others!

Game of Ohio: Students play a Monopoly-like game covering the Ohio Constitution and Northwest Ordinance

Academic Standards:
Fourth Grade:  SS 4.2, SS 4.4, SS 4.5, SS 4.19, SS 4.20, SS 4.21
Eighth Grade: SS 8.1, SS 8.5, SS 8.6, SS 8.7, SS 8.13, SS 8.20, SS 8.21

Please call 800.686.6124 or 614.297.2663 for more information or to make a reservation.
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