Founding Documents Field Trips

2015 Dates: February 18 and 19 for 8th grade and February 25 and 26 for 4th grade

Immerse your students in the Founding Documents of America with a full day devoted to the Ohio Constitution, Northwest Ordinance, Declaration of Independence, and the United States Constitution.

Fees for Founding Documents Program (includes admission to the museum):
$8 per student
$4 per chaperone
Teachers are free

Students will:

  • Have a press conference -- Students will act as reporters and question Ben Franklin about the terms of the US Constitution
  • Reenact debate for independence -- Students will present the arguments for and against independence
  • Participate in an exciting game show that covers all the documents
  • What’s It Table: Enabling Act , Quartering Act, Loyalty Oath, objects of the period
  • Life of the times
  • Bill of Rights puzzle
  • Write with Quill pens -- Students will practice then use the pens to sign a document
  • Northwest Ordinance Puzzles -- putting the terms in the right places and putting the future states in the right places
  • Meet a colonist for independence
  • Meet a colonist who is for the King
  • Learn the Document Song

Academic Standards:
Fourth Grade: SS 4.2, SS 4.4, SS 4.5, SS 4.17, SS 4.19, SS 4.20, SS 4.21
Eighth Grade:  SS 8.1, SS 8.5, SS 8.6, SS 8.7, SS 8.13, SS 8.20, SS 8.21

For more information or to book this program call 614-297-614.297.2663 or 800.686.1541. You may also send an email to To download the Field Trip Planner, click here.

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