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The Local Government Records Program works with government agencies to identify and preserve local government records of enduring historical value.

New Records Management Procedures

With the passage of HB 153 by the 129th General Assembly  there have been some changes to RC-1, RC-2, and RC-3 procedures for forms dated after September 29, 2011 by the local records commission.  Learn more about the changes here

Local Government Records Publications and Forms

Find resources for records managers, including suggested retention periods and the RC-1 (Application for One-Time Disposal), RC-2 (Schedule of Records Retention and Disposition) and RC-3 (Certificate of Records Disposal) forms.

Training Opportunities

Learn about records management training offered by the Local Government Records Program.

Disaster Preparedness and Response Resources

Electronic Records Resources

Local Government Records Links   

County Archivists and Records Managers Association (CARMA)

Join the LGR Listserv

The listserv allows for the open discussion of records management/archival issues being faced by Ohio's local government entities. 

Ohio Network of American History Research Centers