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Local Government Records Training

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The Local Government Records Program offers several records management training workshops.

“Just the Basics” will introduce records-keepers to the records management practices in Ohio, including the procedures for creating and filing records retention schedules and certificates of disposal with the State Archives.  This is offered as either a 1-hour or a 2-hour workshop.  The 2-hour workshop includes information about electronic records and can be tailored to your specific needs.

Please contact the OHS-LGRP to schedule any training.

Fee Structure:

·         1-hour information session: $150, plus mileage
·         2-hour workshop: $15 (per person), minimum of $750

Method of Payment:  Check, credit card, or money orders.  We can also send you an invoice.  Payment is due within 30 days following the workshop.

The hosting entity is responsible for guaranteeing a minimum of 50 paid attendees or the minimum payment and providing the following functions:

·         Publicize the event
·         Handle registration details
·         Make room accommodations
·         Photocopy handouts for workshop (master copies provided by OHS-LGRP)
·         Make catering arrangements (if desired)