History Fund Tax Check-Off

Donate to Ohio History on your Ohio tax return and help support history projects in local communities that invest in Ohio’s economy.
The funds generated through the Ohio History “tax check-off” are made available through a competitive matching grants program, the History Fund. The History Fund supports the preservation and sharing of Ohio’s heritage by supporting local projects, programs, and events related to Ohio’s history.

Small donations make a BIG difference
For just $8, you can help repair a roof, preserve rare color film footage, or stage a historical reenactment.

The History Fund tax check-off needs your support now
Why? The upcoming tax season is especially important. The Ohio General Assembly recently established a new threshold for tax check-off programs. The Ohio History Connection (formerly the Ohio Historical Society) needs to generate at least $150,000 each year or the History Fund tax check-off could be jeopardized.

It’s easy to donate to Ohio History on your tax return
Look for "Ohio Historical Society" on your Ohio tax return and designate a dollar amount (the tax form hasn't caught up with our recent name change). That’s it! Your tax-deductible donation goes to support history projects in local Ohio communities.

Other ways to support the History Fund Grant Program
Your Ohio tax return is just one way you can support history projects in your local community. You can also give directly to the Ohio History Connection and designate your gift to the "History Fund." Click here for more information.

Help promote the History Fund tax check-off
To be a part of the Ohio History Tax Check-Off campaign and to access free promotional materials, go to: ohiohistory.org/makehistorycampaign.

History Fund Tax Check-Off
Frequently Asked Questions

What is the History Fund tax check-off?
The Ohio History Tax Check-Off is way for Ohioans to contribute to state and local history projects by “checking off” a donation on the state personal income tax form. Donations are tax deductible.

How is the money from the tax check-off used?

Donations from the Ohio History Tax Check-Off are used to fund local history projects throughout Ohio through the History Fund grant program.

The History Fund was created to support the preservation and sharing of Ohio’s heritage by funding local, regional and statewide projects, programs and events related to the broad sweep of the state’s history. Funded from Ohio tax returns, it is a competitive matching grants program that requires grant recipients to have a matching funding source. The Ohio History Connection administers the program and cannot apply for a grant. For more information about the History Fund grant program and how to apply, visit ohiohistory.org/historyfund.

What projects have been funded through the History Fund tax check-off?

The funds from the Ohio History Tax Check-Off go into the History Fund Grant program. In its first two years in operation, 21 History Fund Grants were given out to organizations throughout Ohio. Click here to read about the recipients and their funded projects.

How was the History Fund tax check-off created?
The Ohio History Tax Check-Off was created in the state’s two-year budget that was signed into law by Gov. John R. Kasich on June 30, 2011. The legislation allowing for the change in state tax forms was initially brought to the General Assembly by former State Rep. Kathleen Chandler (D-Kent) in 2005. State Rep. Randy Gardner (R-Bowling Green) reintroduced it in early 2011 before it was enacted in the state budget.

Who is eligible to apply for a History Fund grant?

Local historical societies, public libraries, genealogical societies, university archives and special collections, historic preservation groups, archeological societies, county records management offices, and incorporated “friends” groups of any of the above. The Ohio History Connection is not eligible for a grant. Click here for more information about applying for a grant.

How can I find out more information?

We’d love to hear from you and answer any questions. Please contact the Local History Office at localhistory@ohiohistory.org or (614) 297-2340/(800) 858-6878.