Fact Sheet

Founded in 1885, the non-profit Ohio History Connection provides a wide array of statewide services and programs related to collecting, preserving and interpreting Ohio’s rich archaeological and natural history

The Society has about 1.6 million items in its collections throughout its 58 historic sites statewide and within its 250,000-square-feet exhibits and storage at the Ohio History Center at 800 E 17th Avenue, Columbus, Ohio, 43211.

The Center is home to a world class museum, the state archives and library, Echoes in Time Theater, the Ohio History Store, State Historic Preservation Office, and the administrative offices of the Society.

The Society receives a portion of its funding from the state, but relies on admission fees, memberships, grants, donations, retail sales, licensing revenue, facility rental income, and other forms of revenue to continue to serve Ohioans today and into the future.

Some of the breadth of work and assignments of the Society include:

  • Overseeing 58 historic sites and museums. The Ohio History Connection’s network of historic sites and museums is one of the largest statewide networks in the United States. The Society has historic sites in 40 counties in Ohio. There are 300 buildings in the network and almost 5,000 acres of land.
  • Operating the State Archives.
  • Administering the state’s historical museum in the Ohio History Center.
  • Promoting and assisting county and local historical societies.
  • Providing education resources regarding Ohio history to Ohio schools and educators.
  • Housing the State Historic Preservation Office, in response to the federal government’s National Historic Preservation Act (1966).
  • Overseeing the statewide History Fund, to be used for making grants throughout the state on history-related projects.
  • Overseeing the historical markers program throughout Ohio.


  • 7,000 members


  • 360,000 annual attendance for the network of sites across Ohio
  • 73,000 annual attendance for Ohio History Center
  • 6,000 annual patrons at Archives/Library

Volunteer Contributions in 2012 (Calendar year):

  • There were 899 individuals volunteering at the historic sites throughout the network (excluding the Ohio History Center).
  • There were 504 individuals volunteering at the Ohio History Center, including the volunteers for National History Day.
  • About 48,000 hours were contributed by volunteers to the sites. (Excluding the Ohio History Center).
  •  About 54,000 hours were contributed by volunteers to the Ohio History Center.

Archives and Collection:

  • 1.6 million objects in the State Archives, Library & Artifact Collections
  • 70,000 cubic feet of records in the State Archives, Library & Artifact Collections
  • 250,000 images in Ohio Memory, the digital library
  • Items in the Collections span 15,000 years of Ohio history.


  • 30,000 students using Ohio as America online textbook
  • 7,000 students participating in National History Day in Ohio

Local History:

  • 860 local history organizations in Ohio
  • 1,400 Ohio Historical Markers

Historic Preservation:

  • 3,800 historic properties on the National Register in Ohio
  • 148,000 properties maintained by the State Historic Preservation Office
  • 1,575 historic buildings rehabilitated by State Historic Preservation Office
  • Over 47,000 known archaeological sites in Ohio

For more information contact us: communications@ohiohistory.org or 800.686.6124.