All the volunteers in the Ohio History Connection network are invaluable to the sites. The Society depends on hundreds of volunteers for tens of thousands of hours of volunteer hours each year. For fiscal year 2011, there were 1009 volunteers throughout the network and they generously contributed a total of 55,981 hours.

OHS Volunteer Receives National Recognition. Volunteer Amanda Thompson was awarded the 2010 President’s Volunteer Service Award for dedicating over 550 hours of work to the Ohio History Connection. Amanda directed a research project focused on cataloging and analyzing artifacts recovered during archaeological excavations conducted in the early 1990s preparatory to the installation of a waterline at Serpent Mound. Thompson coordinated the efforts of student volunteers from the Ohio State University and prepared a report on these important and long neglected excavations, which will contribute to our understanding of this World Heritage nominated site. [See www.presidentialserviceawards.gov]

A recent story in the Chillicothe Gazette featured one volunteer, Rick Hatton, at the Adena Mansion and Gardens. Hatton's responsibilities include mowing the massive grounds.

The Site Manager commented on Hatton's contribution:

I appreciate Rick's dedication to Adena Mansion and Gardens. When I see Rick on our grounds, I can always count on him for a friendly wave and a smile. He is a part of our family at Adena Mansion and Gardens, which includes a large pool of volunteers who all help make Adena Mansion and Gardens more accessible to the public. Rick is a valued member of our grounds team and Adena is better because of his efforts. 

Teresa Sparks 
Site Manager, Adena Mansion and Grounds 

Hatton's volunteer assignment suits his interests and the time he is willing to donate, with the scope of the assignment. This story in the Gazette shows Hatton’s passion for volunteering. It is a refrain heard frequently through the network of volunteers at OHS.

Volunteer projects range from helping with collections to being a tour guide, or being a historical interpreter to data entry. Volunteers assist with education, preservation, maintenance, sales, guest services, research, administration, communication, special events, arts, collections and more. If you are interested in volunteering, visit the description of the sites and contact the site manager for more information. If you would like to get involved at the Ohio History Center in Columbus, contact Human Resources at the Ohio History Connection. Ohio History Center volunteer positions require an application.