Publications and Communcations

Publications and Communications

At OHS each year, dozens of different brochures are published about the sites, programs, events and opportunities to get involved with history throughout the Ohio History Connection network. The brochures are distributed throughout the state in tourist venues, by the tourism partners, and at many of the 58 sites including the Ohio History Center. In 2011 approximately 250,000 pieces of literature were distributed promoting exploration, learning, and family activities at the sites. The series of five regional brochures promoting the sites won the Ruby Award from the Ohio Travel Association for the "Best Travel Brochures" in 2011. 

In addition to promotional literature, the Society also publishes TIMELINE, 
Echoes and Ohio Histore-news. Both TIMELINE and Ohio Histore-news are also award-winning publications. Most recently, Ohio Histore-news won the Ruby Award for “Outstanding E-newsletter” in 2011 from the Ohio Travel Association.


TIMELINE is a popular history magazine geared at the history enthusiast who enjoys delving into a well-researched and illustrated story about Ohio’s history.TIMELINE is an important tool for educating the public onOhio’s multifaceted and broadly based history. Whether it was Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's spiritualism-inspired trip to Toledo in 1922, the history of the paddleboat Queen City's commerce on the Ohio River, Cleveland heiress Julia Severance's trip to the White House in 1887, or eccentric sports radio personality Harry Hartman in Cincinnati, TIMELINE stories cover the state's history while presenting an in-depth examination of the story. TIMELINE is generously supported by gifts from the Raymond E. Mason Foundation and an anonymous donor.

About the Illustrations

Illustrations that accompany TIMELINE articles have been selected from collections across the state and nation, including contributions from the Smithsonian Institution, New York Public Library, Lighter-Than-Air Society in Akron, National First Ladies' Library in Canton, William Howard Taft National Historic Site in Cincinnati, Wright State University Libraries, Cincinnati Museum Center, Marietta College Special Collections, Cleveland Public Library, Ohio State University Billy Ireland Cartoon Library and Museum, Voice of America Museum in West Chester, Western Reserve Historical Society, Sandusky Library and Cleveland State University. 

Range of Topics of Articles

The articles range from political history to weather events, transportation or sports history, as well as an array of other topics. For example, archaeology and natural history have been represented with articles on the Adena Pipe, the ivory-billed woodpecker and the elephants at Cleveland’s zoological park. The Civil War sesquicentennial has been recognized with stories on the 23rd Ohio Volunteer Infantry and the Society’s collection of Henry Dwight Otis drawings. 

A subscription to TIMELINE includes four issues/yr for $40. 

Back issues are available and searchable through an online index.


Echoes is the Society’s award-winning membership newsletter. It is the source for news about the activities, events, and programs at the 58 Ohio sites, as well as for the recognition of donors, articles on collections, exhibits, announcements, historic preservation and legislative advocacy efforts. Echoes contains a comprehensive calendar of events. To subscribe, become a member of the Ohio History Connection and it will be mailed to you. Additionally you can pick up an issue when you visit the Ohio HistoryCenter, or you can read a current or archived copy in the Archives/Library in the Ohio History Center. To see a sample of Echoes exquisite layout and content, you can view an archived copy in PDF format here. (PDF will load in a new browser window and requires Adobe Acrobat ® Reader).

Ohio Histore-news 

Ohio Histore-news is an online update of activities, stories, events and news from the Society. As an online publication it capitalizes on an opportunity to link to other online resources about the sites, including videos, calendars, news stories, and material that will amplify the richness of history in Ohio.

For example, including this link to the mounting of the Ohio state flag on the wall of the Ohio History Center allowed OHS to share the visuals of the experience with a broad audience: 
"Ohio History Center: Shows Its Colors." (External link will load in a new browser window). 

Ohio Histore-news is sent to thousands of email addresses each month and has proven its popularity with its recipients. It has achieved an excellent “open rate” – which is the number of recipients who click to open the email. The average open rate for Ohio Histore-news with members for 2011 is 37% higher than the average for a typical arts and culture electronic newsletter. Some recent editions of Ohio Histore-news can be found here: