Historic Sites & Facilities

Historic Sites & Facilities

Fiscal Year 11 Accomplishments

In the OHS network there are 58 historic sites stretching across and through the state. The sites are overseen by OHS and managed locally through management agreements with OHS. As 2011 dawned, there was a renewed interest in commemorating the Civil War, which resulted in new interest in many of the sites in the network that have a connection to the war. Additionally, the 150th anniversary of the start of the Civil War will continue to present opportunities to highlight the sites and encourage enthusiasts to travel throughout the site network to immerse oneself in the stories and history of the War Between the States.

Specific achievements within the site network include the following: 

Two new management agreements:

Improvements at sites

  • Completion of exhibit kiosk and other improvements at Buffington Island.
  • Completion and dedication of new dam at Indian Mill.
  • Return of WP Snyder to its mooring on the Muskingum River in Marietta at the Ohio River Museum.
  • Completion of renovations at McCook House.
  • Completion of new projects at Zoar Village:
    • New roof on Number One House
    • Addition of air conditioning at the Sewing House.
    • Installation of electrical power at the Tin Shop.
  • Completion of projects at Adena Mansion & Gardens:
    • New drainage system along drive.
    • Scenic overlook renovation.
  • Rededication of restored monument at Big Bottom.
  • Opening of new exhibits at Fort Recovery.
  • Installation of new archaeology exhibit in the Fort Laurens museum, funded by a grant to the local management group, the Tuscarawas Convention and Visitors Bureau.

American Association of Museums Accreditation