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The Educational Outreach Office continues to provide high quality, innovative programming and professional development to more than 800 teachers and 26,000 students throughout the year. Importantly, all activities are created and provided in partnership with state agencies, statewide non-profits, local history organizations, local educational agencies and colleges and universities. In addition, projects make heavy use of federal grant funding, contracts and fees for service to fund all activities.

Headlines in Educational Outreach:

  • National History Day Study Proves Program’s Success.
  • Ohio as History E-Textbook Launches for 2011-2012 School Year.
  • Successful AmeriCorps Program Renewed for a Second Year.


National History Day in Ohio: A Proven Success in Education

The National History Day in Ohio (NHD) program demonstrates that when students learn history they learn the academic- and life-skills that will aid them in college and their future careers. This exciting program teaches students critical thinking, writing, research, leadership and technology skills. 

Approximately 7,000 Ohio students participated in NHD in the 2010-2011 school year. In the 2011 NHD competition series, Ohio students demonstrated their superb research, writing and communication skills as beginning historians.

  • 1,600 students participated in district contests.
  • 530 students advanced to the state competition.
  • 62 students were sent on to the national competition.
  • 3 students became national winners.

Also in 2011, an important national study evaluating the effectiveness of the National History Day program concluded that the program “works”:

  • NHD students outperform their non-NHD peers on state standardized tests, not only in social studies, but in reading, science and math as well.
  • NHD students are better writers, who write with a purpose and real voice, and marshal solid evidence to support their point of view.
  • NHD students are critical thinkers who can digest, analyze and synthesize information.
  • NHD students learn 21st century skills. They learn how to collaborate with team members, talk to experts, manage their time and persevere.
  • NHD has a positive impact among students whose interests in academic subjects may wane in high school.


Through the NHD program, students choose a historical topic related to the annual theme, uncover primary sources, consult experts, draw conclusions, and create projects that demonstrate their findings Student research leads to imaginative exhibits, original performances, media documentaries, innovative websites and scholarly papers in junior and senior divisions. The 2011 theme was “Debate and Diplomacy in History: Successes, Failures, Consequences” and Ohio projects ranged from a documentary about the Cuyahoga River Fire to a performance on 1976 Yale Women’s Crew team and Title IX. For a sample of a student project, view Lukun Zhang’s award-winning website: 'Kennedy's Kiddie Korps': Diplomacy by the Best and the Brightest

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