Community and Government Relations 

Are you proud of Ohio and its history? Then join the nonprofit Ohio History Connection as an advocate for Ohio history! Find out how by using the tools on this page.

Ohio History Advocacy Center

Want to know more about state and federal legislation that relates to history or historic preservation? Find out more about the latest legislative initiatives or how to contact your legislators.

Community Engagement

Want to invite someone from the Ohio History Connection to speak to your organization or learn about community engagement activities throughout Ohio? If you want to see how your community group can get involved with the Society or one of our more than 50 historic sites and museums in the state, please contact us.

Statehood Day

Statehood Day Video

The Ohio History Connection works closely with several other statewide history organizations to sponsor the annual Statehood Day advocacy event, which is typically held at the Ohio Statehouse every year on or near the state’s birthday, March 1st. The next Statehood Day event will be at the Ohio Statehouse Atrium on Wednesday, March 4, 2015. TourismOhio Director Mary Cusick will be the keynote speaker at lunch. Watch the video of former Sen. John Glenn speaking at the 2012 Statehood Day event March 1, 2012 at the Ohio History Center.

Contact Us

For more information, please contact Todd Kleismit, the Ohio History Connection's Director of Community and Government Relations, at 614-297-2355 or at